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What should be shredded?


Any papers that have personal information on them such as social security numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts insurances, annuities, contracts, letters, notes, proposals, etc.


What can be shredded?

Binder clips
Blue prints
Carbonless forms
Colored paper
Computer paper
Copy paper
Credit Card Offers
Junk mail
Large prints
Laser paper
Letterhead stationery
Manila folders
News papers
Paper clips
Soft cover books
Window envelopes
and more...

What is on site shredding?
Everything is shredded on site at your office or home. You can also watch the paper being shredded on the truck.


Will I receive a document of destruction after my materials are shredded?
Shredding companies will give you a document of destruction after the shredding has taken place. (Some will email you the document and some will hand it to you while on site.)


What kind of shredders do you use?
Shredding companies usually use one of three types of shredders on their trucks. 1. Hammer mill 2. Single shaft grinder 3. Pierce and tear shredders.


How long will it take to shred my documents?

It will depend on a few factors, how much material you have to be shredded, types of material and the type of truck your shredding company runs. Thicker materials usually shred slower than thin materials. Most shredding companies use trucks that shred between 1500 lbs per hour at minimum to trucks that shred over 5000 lbs per hour.


Benefits of Shredding

For every 117 pounds of paper recycled you will have saved……

22 gallons of oil!

412 gallons of water!

2 cubic feet in the landfill!

1 tree from being cut down!

117 lbs from being deposited into the landfills!

362.7 Kilowatts of Energy!

4 pounds less of air pollution!


Do I have to remove staples and paper clips?

No, Staples and paper clips don't have to be removed from the papers. Windowed envelopes and taped pages can also be recycled.


Will they collect every container throughout our office?

This will depend on the shredding service you choose. You will have to ask them when you talk to them. You can add this question in the comment section so they will know to add this to the quote.


Most shredding companies run on a schedule for regular pickup service. Here is how the schedule usually works out.


1 week schedule is every 7 days.

2 weeks schedule is every 14 days.

3 weeks schedule is every 21 days.

4 weeks schedule is every 28 days.

5 weeks schedule is every 35 days.

6 weeks schedule is every 42 days and so on.

You will want to ask the company what there scheduling is for your area or if you need special scheduling such as twice a week pickups. You can add this into the comment section if you would like find out more about the scheduling.

If my bin is full before my weekly pickup is available can I schedule a pickup twice a week?

Shredding companies are usually happy to help you if your bin becomes full before your week is up. They can usually offer you an early pickup. You may also consider asking for additional containers so you can save money and time for both you and the shredding company.


What forms of payments do the shredding companies accept?

Shredding companies usually accept cash, check, and most major credit cards. If you need to find out your payment options, please ask in the comment section when you fill out the form.


When will I be billed for services?

Most shredding services charge you at the time of pickup for purge services. If you are an on going customer they will normally bill you at the end of the month or on a certain date. If you need to find out, please ask in the comment section when you fill out the form.


Is there a contract to sign?

Some shredding companies will want you to sign a contract and some don’t so you will have to ask. If you need to find out, please ask in the comment section when you fill out the form.

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