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Document Shredding

Use our service to receive quotes from shredding companies in your area. The service is free of charge and easy to complete.

With mobile shredding you are able to watch your documents be shredded right in front of your office or home.

To receive accurate quotes from the shredding services we recommend that you read the following then fill out the service request form:

Always make sure you understand the policies and charges before starting service with a new company.

Shredding companies offer two types of service.

Scheduled Pick-up Services: The easiest way to handle your shredding needs is to have your paper picked up on a regularly scheduled basis. Containers are placed throughout your office so you can easily place your papers into the container.

One-Time Purge Services: If you have a large stockpile of items to be shredded, a shredding company can come right to your office and purge the sensitive information.

Most shredding companies price by two sizes of standard boxes.

Small boxes: 10.5"H x 12" W x 15" D
Weight: approximately 35 lbs per box



Small Box of Paper

Large boxes: 10.5" H x 12" W x 24"D
Weight: approximately 55 lbs per box


Large Box of Paper

Please let them know if the paper is in a different form than the boxes, such as the paper is loose, in a Gaylord, filing cabinets, or on shelves.

Some of the common ways that shredding companies price are per pound, per box, per minute, or per hour.

Ongoing Service Containers

If you would like ongoing service at your office, most shredding companies are willing to let you use locked containers to place your paper in until it is ready to be shredded.


Lockable console: Holds approximately 100 lbs of paper.

Lockable Console For Paper Storage

Lockable 96 gallon container: Holds approximately 300 lbs of paper.

96 Gallon Container For Paper Storage


To get an accurate quote on the lockable containers, please let them know how many containers of each type you will need for your office. Most shredding companies will quote per pickup.

With a mobile document shredding service, shredding is done on-site so that you can watch your documents being shredded as it happens. Shredding documents with any personal information is the best form of protection for you and your business. Not only does shredding documents stop identity theft, it also prevents law suits.

Mobil shredders can be used by large business such as banks, hospitals, and colleges. They can also be used by small business and even home owners.

Mobile shredding services can shred a lot of paper in a short period of time. Most mobile shredding trucks shred anywhere between 1500 pounds to over 5000 pounds of paper per hour. Mobile shredding trucks shred paper faster than most in-house shredders. As each year passes new shredding trucks are on the market, thus making commercial shredding companies even more efficient.

Shredding trucks will also shred paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands, and staples so there is no need to remove any of these items before the mobile shredding service arrives.

It is very important to shred legal documents before disposing of them. By hiring mobile shredders you can save both time and money.

When you hire a mobile shredder, you should ask them how fast their truck shreds. The key thing to remember is that mobile shredders that only shred 1500 lbs an hour will be at your place much longer than mobile shredders that can shred 5000 lbs an hour. You have to take this into consideration when receiving price quotes. If you have two quotes within the same price range and both can be there when you want them, you may want to take the faster mobile shredder especially if you have to have someone watch them shred the documents.

Make sure that any document shredding companies you use are security screened, bonded and insured to ensure they are a professional service, no matter how you find the document shredding company (with us or elsewhere). In the end it is your responsibility to make sure all the documents are destroyed properly. Ask for proof of insurance.

Paper shredding companies take all the shredded paper to a paper recycler. They get paid a small amount of money every time they drop off the paper to be recycled. The paper is then made into new paper and other products to be resold to the public. Paper shredding companies use large industrial shredders to cut the paper to shreds and make it unreadable. Not only does it make the paper unreadable, it compacts the paper into the back of the truck mixing the documents with tons of other documents that have been shredded.

Keep America Beautiful! By Recycling!

Document Shredding Saves Trees


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Document Shredding

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